Writing advice

On this page, you’ll find links to all of my posts that give writing advice, along with a brief description of the post itself!

 Where do I begin? – starting a novel can be tough, so here are some suggestions on finding your inspiration!

Planning early, part one – the pros – you’ve got an idea? Great! Should you start writing, or planning? Here, I suggest advantages to planning things first!

Planning early, part two – the problems – planning first can be helpful, but can it be a hindrance? In this post, I say yes!

Setting or character – which comes first? – choosing where to start can be hard. I personally believe setting is more important, and here’s why!

Characters, in a nutshell – where do they come from? – where do authors get inspiration for their characters? The simple answer; look around you!

The basic story structure – why it’s kinda like a sneeze, and why it’s (really) kinda important – did you know that sneezes and the basic story curve have a lot in common? Neither did I, until I decided to write today!

Why the most important page you’ll ever write is the first, and how to make it good – first impressions are vital, so here are some tips to get your reader past the first page!

New writers beware – “show, don’t tell” is a phrase that WILL drive you insane (and with good reason!) – it’s a phrase that brings nothing but hatred to writers, but behind the hate is some invaluable advice that shouldn’t be ignored!

If you thought “show, don’t tell” was the worst phrase in existence, think again. Let’s talk about voice and style! – developing your own voice and style takes time, and it can be difficult to explain, so I’ll do my best!